NXT Journey

NXT Journey


Truckie Gear was established in 2013 with the development of our first product, a bag specifically designed for Professional Truck Drivers.

The process initially involved interviewing drivers to determine what was important to them in a work bag. Prototypes were developed and tested until we were satisfied we had a bag that could successfully be introduced to the marketplace.

Since the launch of the first ‘Truckie Bag’ in November 2015, we have continued to refine the bag to ensure it specifically meets the needs of the Australian Professional Driver.

Designing a bag for truck drivers is a challenge. We knew that the bag would be used constantly, with may drivers spending over 200 days per year on the road. Therefore, it needed to be tough. This challenge turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it forced us to never compromise.

Our bags started to receive fantastic reviews, and as a result, enquiries came in from other industries that wanted a bag specifically tailored to suit their needs.

In 2016 we made the decision to change our company name to NXT Journey, as this fitted better with a business operations and expanding range of bags.

Truckie Gear, and now NXT Journey was established with the sole aim of developing a specifically designed work/travel bag for drivers. We are now using what we have learnt to design and produce bags for other industries



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