Gundagai South Public School

Business Name: Gundagai South Public School

Wonderful small primary school offering outstanding teaching and providing opportunities for all students to succeed in their learning.

Gundagai South Public School is staffed by four full time teachers and additional part-time teachers who, together provide for learning in small class groupings where an emphasis is placed on individualized learning.

The Early Action for Success initiative operates within the school, providing students with additional support for literacy and numeracy specifically in Kindergarten Year One and Year Two.

The Learning and Support Teacher works with small groups of students across the whole school to assist the students to achieve their personal learning goals.

A wellbeing worker and three school learning and support officers provide social and emotional support in both the classroom and playground settings.

A specialist computer teacher, school counsellor and visiting consultants support the school, together with the non-teaching members of the school community.

Community members visit the school weekly to assist in the classrooms.

Luke Street,
Gundagai NSW 2722