Conqueror Milling Company

Conqueror Milling Company
Business Name: Conqueror Milling Company


Conqueror Milling Company has been manufacturing high-quality stockfeed and vegetable protein meal for a range of Australian and international markets since 1984.
Our product range includes pellets and licks specially formulated for beef, dairy, sheep, horses, poultry and alpacas.
These products are available in 20 kg bags, one-tonne ‘bulka’ bags and bulk, which can be sourced from direct or via leading rural supply centres throughout NSW and ACT.
We also supply a range of grain mixes, mash mixes and grain/pellet blends to the dairy industry.
We provide professional and personalised customer service, backed by expert knowledge.
Our overriding goal is to provide a service that consistently meets or exceeds our customers’ specified needs and expectations.

PO Box 345,
Cootamundra NSW 2590
Phone: 6942 2633
Alt phone: 0429 422 633
Fax: 6942 4157
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  • Conqueror Milling Company