Blessed Bowen Natural Therapies

Business Name: Blessed Bowen Natural Therapies

Blessed Bowen Natural Therapies

Situated in the beautiful Dalkeith homestead, on the outskirts of Gundagai, NSW. Dalkeith’s tranquil rural setting provides the idyllic location for getting away from it all, allowing you to catch your breath and take some time out, whether it be for remedial purposes to assist in managing aches and pains, or just taking some time out for relaxation and rejuvenation…

“Blessed Bowen Natural Therapies offers an assortment of treatment options, each chosen for their unique role in assisting you in your journey towards relaxation, rejuvenation and general wellbeing…”

These include:
· Bowen Therapy
· Katamasi Hot Stone Massage
· Holistic Facials
· Oncology Massage
· Relaxation Massage
· Schuessler’s Mineral Therapy
· Bach Flower Remedies

“Dalkeith” O’Brein’s Rd