Amazing Solar Oz

Amazing Solar Oz
Business Name: Amazing Solar Oz

Amazing Solar OZ is located in Sydney, where our enthusiastic staff process and register credits derived from activities, which meet the requirements of Commonwealth and State Government energy efficiency and pollution reduction schemes. Solar Junction is accredited with all Commonwealth and State Government renewable energy and energy efficiency schemes. As a registered agent we can assist you to obtain value for the RECS (Renewable Energy Certificates) that gets created as a result of your green source of electricity use through solar Panels installation. As one of the foremost solar panel installation companies in NSW, our aim is to provide a bespoke and highly customer focused service. To achieve this we remain an independent installer, so each of our systems is designed specifically for the job in question. We almost always use leading manufacturers with market leading products and customer support. We have long established relationships with a small number of suppliers who themselves have excellent technical support from these manufacturers. This enables us to provide our customers with a high level of customer support in the unlikely event of faults developing.

Gundagai: 152 Sheridan Street,
Gundagai NSW 2722

Fraser Rise: 55 City Vista Court,
Fraser Rise VIC 3336

Riverwood: 2-3/257-263 Belmore Road,
Riverwood NSW 2210
Alt phone: 0406548397